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Brushing – Polishing machines


This machine is used for brushing, scouring and rounding the sharp cut edges of components or preassembled productions such as: handbags, briefcases, suitcases, attaché cases, watch straps, saddler and all leather goods in general.


These machines are used for scouring or brushing the edges of various types of leather-made items: components of bags, brief-cases, leather upholstery, footwear uppers etc.
Moreover the mod. P4 is specifically suitable for the edges of belts, shoulder straps as it features an automatic feed device which guides, draws forward and place the item directly on the tool.


The P5A has been designed for facilitating preparation and fin-ishing operations on belt edges, shoulder straps and strips in general.
Extremely versatile, this machine can be fitted, depending on the user’s needs, with scouring tools or tools for simultaneously brushing or polishing of both edges.