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Printing Machines


Roller printing machine used for hot printing with decorative motifs on belts, shoulder straps, strips in general, in leather, hides or synthetic materials. It equipped by a practical thermo tool to heat the stamping roller. Using the proper switch, it can select the desired rate of air flow in order to adjust the correct temperature.


This machine has been built to print decorative designs using heat or coloured tape on leather, hide or synthetic material belts, shoulder straps and strips in general. It is fitted with accident-prevention devices according to the laws in force.


This machine has been designed for hot scoring or decoratively marking leather or hide wallets, shoulder straps, bags, briefcases, suitcases, uppers, and articles either already assembled or to be assembled. It may also be used for hot coloured tape transfer decoration. It is easy to adjust and extremely versatile; it may be fitted with various types of feet and marking rollers: e.g. fixed for scoring, and rotary for printing decorative designs. The machine is fitted with accident- prevention devices according to the laws in force.