First series of swing clicking press Y-and head travelling  cutting press model K


After 10 years of life, Ares’s  machines are known and appreciated in various international markets

Creating sales and service points over the world


Starting year of the Chinese market with various government-settled agreements.

With the world patent Magic flap revolutionizing after more than 60 years the concept of the rotary swing clicking press

Magic Flap


Year of the official recognition by the Chinese government


Ares acquires know-how and technology of well-know Vigevano company in the leather goods industry


Realization of a new line of  punching machines for leather goods and  belts fully electrical system

2012 Anno delle innovazioni

Realization of the Head travelling cutting press model  K12, which is appreciated  in the world market and becomes a technological success.

In the same year, Ares manufactures an innovative orrizzontal oven for bags and leather goods


All Ares experience and technology is expressed with the range of swing clicking press model LM


Realization of vertical oven for bags and leather goods

2016 Fair SIMAC

World-wide preview presentation in Simac fair-Milan of the world’s first swing clicking  cuttung press with assisted beam rotation model LM  SUPER


Realization of swing cliking press model LM super with  ergo-ws ergonomic workstation


environmentalist turning point of Ares Italia with the new E21 G green power fully electric die-cutting machine with low consumption


Ares Italia renews its commitment to sustainability by introducing the new electric die-cutting machine E22 G


Ares Italia introduces the new E23 G Green Power swing-arm electric die-cutting machine.